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Forsyth makes combs again

Welcome 2020

Same people, same products, same quality.

We are back in production after a sebaticle and period of 'retirement', but production may be limited.


Please note:-

We rarely have any combs in stock, so contact us if you wish to be added to our wait list.


Sept 22nd 2020. ... CURRENT WAIT TIME

Wait time for new orders may now be up to 3 months.


For current prices see our Orders page.


Sept 2020... COVID-19 Emergency

In some circumstances delivery of parcels and correspondence may take longer than normal.

Delivery to some international destinations has been temporarily suspended at the request of the receiving Postal Operator due to the lack of available transportation.

Service to Canada and the US is still operating but normal delivery times may be extended due to the current situation.

Deliveries to the UK, Europe and Russia are operating, but services may be slower than normal.

Canada Post has listed countries affected on their website. They are not accepting mail to the countries where service has been suspended.